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Brand Videos

Image is everything. Everything is image.

What are Brand Videos and why are they so important?

Your brand has hit the market. But now what? Brand videos focus on engagement once a brand has a certain presence in the market already. As opposed to corporate videos where we talk about the values the brand upholds and the vision it has for the future, brand videos talk about and improve upon the overall image of the brand but on a personal level with the consumer. 


So how do Brand Videos help shape a 'Brand'?

Usually, the aim is to raise awareness about a brand but these videos do not necessarily focus on promoting the brand itself. These videos are more consumer-focused and are driven heavily by insights directly from the consumers’ life and solving problems they might face while indirectly we promote the brand image. This helps to build a certain amount of trust, credibility, and loyalty with the consumers.

This is Antigravity’s philosophy when it comes to making brand videos. And if that’s something you’re looking for your brand, then you know what to do.

Here are some examples of Brand Videos :

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