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Client : Comic Con India

Project : Event Aftermovies & Live Stream Videos | Ideation, Production & Promotion.

Being one of the biggest pop culture festivals in India, Comic Con India has a very vast video requirement. There are multiple mini events and shows happening at any given time during the event. Working on this project involved a strong and efficient workforce and an even strong live post production set up. The Antigravity team churned out 24 VIDEOS PER DAY!! These were being shot live with 5 cameras and being edited at the event and delivered. We also worked on multiple aftermovie videos for each city.

Apart from these the team ideated on content for Comic Con's 10th year anniversary in India.

Utilizing a series of shareable video ad units for both performance and brand-building purposes, the campaign was bolstered by an aggressive, targeted media spend aimed at increasing visibility and driving new visitors to the event and Comic Cons website.

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