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Event Aftermovies

Your event, your magic. Only amplified.

What are Event Aftermovie Videos and why are they so important?

Aftermovies capture the best moments of an event. They are the best way of promoting your future events while the energy of the current one is still running high. Anyone who sees a great aftermovie after missing out on the event will surely want to attend the next time. But an aftermovie isn't just about shooting the best moments and sticking a good music track to it. It takes a lot more detailed editing and planning to make a truly groundbreaking aftermovie. 


How does Antigravity do it?

Our main aim at Antigravity while creating an aftermovie is to keep the energy high and even leave the viewer on a certain high. Before the event, we meticulously plan our shot breakdowns based on the event schedule. During the shoot, we capture cinematic footage and after the shoot, we structure the footage such that the viewers who attended the event feel happy that they were a part of it. And the ones who missed out feel like attending the next event.


Making an aftermovie is a delicate balancing act. And we at Antigravity deliver that perfect balance. 

Here are some examples of Event Aftermovies :

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