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Client : Guac Spaces

Project : Logo, Branding Design, Social Media, Website, 360VR Tour

Logo & Branding Design

Guac Spaces is a co-working concept targeted especially at freelancers. The brand philosophy is to build an inspiring space for creators. The brief was as simple as - to give a feeling of 'cool'. White walls, wooden textures, green spots and cool art work defines the interiors of the workspaces at Guac. We worked on literal combination of an avocado + astronaut. Hand-drawn strokes define the overall branding. A neon green accent has been used to identify the brand with youth and creativity. The contemporary trend of gradients is an important part of the palette too.

Social Media Creatives

The objective for social media creatives for Guac Spaces was to appeal to the young freelancer community in Mumbai, India. This was done by being relevant to current topics of discussion like "Game of Thrones" which was re-phrased as "Game of Freelancers" using famous lines from the series and giving a Guac spin to it. Another strong intension was to convey USPs of the space even before the space was ready.

Website & 360VR Tour

A responsive website was designed with an interactive 360 degree tour of the whole co-working space. A clean User Interface using the brand colours and typography was the key. Keeping the visual quotient high and text to a minimal, all details about the brand and pricing packages was conveyed. A payment gateway was installed on the website for easy booking of workspaces for clients.

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