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Olympeo Riverside| Video Campaign

With technology advances, videos have become key tools for real estate companies to introduce themselves to prospective clients. But the content we generally see is cluttered with similar looking walkthrough videos and project USP slideshows.


With Olympeo Riverside we were challenged to work on an out-of-the-box video campaign that would stand out from this crowd and actually make the viewer, stop, take notice, think and react. 


The base idea behind this campaign was to highlight the 3 major USPs of the project - Active Lifestyle, Sustainability and Strategic Location. Each of these aspects were highlighted through explainer videos that spoke about these concepts from a global perspective, while supporting this information with well researched data. The conversation is then led into explaining how Riverside is an apt example of implementation of these concepts.

Research on these topics was the foundation of the overall concept. The concepts of terrariums, shinrin-yoku, nature proximity and adverse effects of social media were to be highlighted in an interesting manner. We did not want the video to sound like a non-engaging piece of educational document and hence we introduced nostalgia, pop culture references and contemporary motion graphics. 

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