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Social Media Content

Create. Post. Track. Repeat.

What is social media content, and why is it important for your brand?

Social media is here to stay and without strong content you risk falling behind. The harsh reality is that if you don't provide engaging content for your audience, your competitor will. There is no doubt that videos on social media are important for a brand. But creating social media videos is easier said than done. It can be very hard to narrow down what kind of videos will be engaging for your audience. 


That's where we come in.


How does Antigravity make it?

Our team of content creators design videos that keep your audience wanting for more. We identify the objective of your brand, work out a plan based on your audience and deliver a video that cuts through the clutter. From writing a concept note to shooting, editing and final delivery, your brand is in safe hands. Along with the videos we also strategize marketing plans and the design creative posts. It's important to create a variety of social media content like posts and gifs to help build your audience and keep them engaged.

Here are some examples of Social Media Content :

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