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Testimonial Videos

Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth

What are testimonial videos, and why are they important for your brand?

Well, before making any big commitment, customers like to listen to their peers. These types of videos are especially important during their final decision-making process. It's the little push that’s sometimes needed, that leap of faith. Besides, there is nothing better than having your customers say positive things about your brand or product.

How does Antigravity do it?

Customer or Client testimonials videos have a number of variables that need to be considered well in advance. We at Antigravity structure the questionnaire outline before we start shooting and have a plan for any kind of route the interviews might take us. Our resident cinematographer and editor makes sure that your final cut is seamless and in line with your main objectives.

Needless to say, each interview is lit to perfection and your interviewees will not just sound pleasing but also look like celebrities.

Here are some examples of Testimonial Videos :

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